Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snow Mountain Method (雪山法)

The Taoist snow mountain method has many applications. Amongst some are: preventing heat stroke, fire walk, curing fever, exorcism, stop bleeding and pain. Some people also use this method to play pranks when cooking. The effect is that the rice and vegetables cannot be cooked no matter how long they are on the stove.


There two types of snow mountain method:


·         The defensive

o   For curing of sickness and exorcism

o   The application is simple, just draw the snow mountain talismans and let the patient consume.

An example of snow mountain mantras and talisman

·         The offensive

o   For attacking enemies especially the kidneys.

o   The method loosely described as below:

§  This ritual must be practised for 49 days during winter.

§  First set up an altar for the snow mountain gurus

§  The practitioner must imagine that he or she is meditate inside an ice block and gradually turning himself/herself into the ice block.

§  After 30 minutes or so, when this person feels his/her body is already frozen solid, then he/she will change the strategy and think of a bon fire until his/her body is warm enough.

o   After the training period, one has only to strike remotely towards the target and this person will suffer from kidney problems fairly soon.

o   This method is also effective in curing the inflammation, high fever, swellings, heat stroke or eye diseases.


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