Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Becoming Psychic Vampires

A psychic vampire is a new age term used to describe a person or an entity who “steels” other’s energy. The more energy a psychic vampire steals, the more powerful he/she becomes. Well, as a matter of fact, we to some extent psychic vampires. The Chinese “Chi Gong” practices of absorbing solar and lunar energies are just some examples.


The below psychic vampire training course together with an interesting story are contributed by Tony. After obtaining Tony’s permission, I share his story and ritual in this blog. Thanks mate. J


Below is a story in Tony’s own words:


“About 7 years ago I did meet a genuine psychic vampire from Indonesia. I broke away from him because I think he was evil, truly evil.


He said to pull a person’s energy you first need some “tenaga dalam” or third eye to feel or see your victims’ energy. He taught me to meditate near venomous animals like spiders and snakes and how to absorb their energy (mostly visualization) to inject into another human. Since my “tenaga dalam” is weak I did not fair too well in that system.


Secondly, he used to troll the internet for various healers and psychics then claim to drain them of their psychic energy. All of the people he was targeting were not charging money for their service and were helping others out of the goodness of their hearts. Well, I couldn’t stomach this and decided to break away from this teacher. I don’t want to hurt anybody if I can help it.”


Below is a Chinese New Age method to train anyone aspired to be a psychic vampire:


Soul Catching Method

1. Sit crossed leg facing sun, plants, fire, lake or sea. Open your mouth and swallow your target into your stomach. Imagine that you are uniting with your target. Perform this exercise for 881x for 72 days.


2. This is an "energy catching method". Imagine your target's energy enters your mouth then into your stomach. Do 881x for 72 days.


3. This is an "energy shaking method". Imagine your target's energy expands and contracts then swallow it into your stomach. Do it for 72 days.


Note: The above is secret demonic cult for destroying your enemy. After practicing for 181 days, you can attack your enemy as far as 10km away.


Secret of Ghost Vajra

Imagine there is a fire ball in your 3rd eye. Inside this fire ball, there is a ghost vajra god. This god is growing slowly until it is the same size as you. If you want to stop this practice, imagine the ghost vajra shrink until becomes a fire ball again and go into your stomach.


Demonic King Method

As the Ghost Vajra, but the fire ball is in your heart.


Secret Of Ice Ghost

Imagine a pair of eyes enters the sole of your feet and exit through your eyes. Repeat 108x.


The Seal Of Fire God

Imagine fire from 10 directions enters your stomach and your stomach is burning hot. Let the fire exist through your palms and strike at an ice cube prepared beforehand. Do this exercise for 6 months.


The Thunder Vajra Palms

Imagine two fire dragons enter your palms and move towards your stomach until your fire is burning hot. Strike your palms towards your target and imagine that your target became charcoal. Do this for 881x.


Happy trying mate. Hmm... On second thought; better don't try. The above exercises will make a person crazy. Or at least people will think that you are creazy by simply describing them to others. Cheers mate!  J

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