Friday, October 19, 2012

Your Penis Is In My Bag!!

Hmm... Transfering a penis to a cat?? No it is just a Palakit!
My friend Mr. Chong has a contract to clear forest near Pontianak, Borneo. So he travels frequently between Penang and Pontianak. Mr. Chong is a good man; his only fallacy is that he likes to flirt around with women. Well, all went well so far in Penang; so he thought of repeating his hobby in Pontianak as he told me.


Besides taking care of his logging and forest clearing activities, there were not many entertainments around. But cunning Mr. Chong has found a beautiful target; a young and beautiful Dayak maiden. So he utilized all his energy to tackle this Dayak girl. As Chong has wished, they started to become friends.


One day the Dayak girl invited Chong to visit the Dayak long house. So the story goes, after the dinner; the girl’s father took out a black bag and he opened the bag and showed its content to Chong: It was Chong’s own penis inside the bag! Chong immediately touch his pubic place and found his penis was no more there :D


Mr. Chong was given two chances:


·         To marry with the girl and stay in the long house.

·         To leave the girl alone.


Since Mr. Chong already married with two cute kids, he obediently leaves the girl and Pontianak for good.


I was told that this type of magic is not specific to Dayak tribe alone, other tribes such as that of the aborigines in Peninsula Malaysia and the Taoist Mao Shan sect also has one form of this type of magic or another. In Taoist magic, this type of magic is called “transferring method” or “寄法” in Chinese. If fact, Mr. Chong’s penis can also be transferred to his head, a piece of wood or on the door so to speak.


On second thought, this is a very good magic for ladies to teach men a lesson men will not forget! So hate me men! Hahaha.


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