Monday, October 8, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Attraction Spell

Okay. After so many necromantic rituals, let us review one spell to increase one's attractiveness to neutralise the black necromantic auras. The effect of this spell is said to make people interest in knowing you, as to what standard that people want to be with you depends on one person to another. For many people, this spell works in only one week's time.

For this spell, you will need to find a period of time when you can avoid mirrors for at least 1 week. First, you begin with this spell by covering your mirror that you may happen to walk by in your home. After your mirrors are covered, you are ready to begin as below:

  • Every night before going to bed, you recite the following:
    • Singra li, Singra la
    • Tearu ni, Learu ta
    • Auctu na, Auctu na
  • Each morning when you wake up, you should recite the following:
    • Auctu na, Auctu na
    • Teru ni, Learu ta
    • Singra li, Singra la
  • After a week has passed, you may once again look in the mirror.

Remember, whatever you do, don't look into the mirror in between the ritual!!


  1. Hi bro, just to check with you, is this ritual ok for islam? I really don't meAn to offend you and am just asking hope you don't mind;)

    1. Bro, this ritual is NOT OK for islam. Don't try it. I have other version that can be practised by a Muslim. In fact, it is not for any other orthodox religion too. For your reading pleasure only.

  2. Thanks alot for the warning bro, glad i asked you first, possible can mail me the muslim ver? Thanks and appreciate it bro!

  3. im a muslim too , can you email to me ? at . but my boyfriend is a non muslim . is there any muslim prayer to open his heart to understand islam ? sorry brother if i offend you

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