Saturday, October 6, 2012

Necromancy Extreme: Deathly Ghostly Pets

Dog and .... GHOST! All in a family. Isn't that cosy?
So you have got yourself a few dogs, cats, a parrot, an aquarium full of fish and something is still missing perhaps? Thinking maybe you want a Kumantong or a Toyol to fill in the gap? Tell you what; why not get yourself some ghostly pets? These pet spirits will elevate your collection into the next level. Then you will enjoy the sparring with your ghosts in the middle of the night as I have. But first a few words of warning, if you think you are up to it and you have enough power to control the spirits; please proceed otherwise suffice as just to read comfortably in your couch.


Enough said, below is the ritual:


·         Get yourself a small wooden doll about 2 inches tall, or something similar; best is that it is hollow inside. You also need a small container to house the doll.

·         Now to get the spirit:

o   Get some belongings of the deceased

§  Spirits normally possess their treasured belongings, so you must draw them out by tarnishing the items with blood, but best of all; masturbate with them.

§  The spirit will come to you. So pay particular attention to the change of your surroundings: temperature, sound or odor.

§  When the spirit has arrived, hold the doll in front of you with your left hand; storm your right foot and say: “By my power, inhabit this doll!”

§  If you have done this right, then the atmosphere in the environment will become very still.

§  Put the doll into the container to enslave it.

§  Tell it that you will only release it if it follows what you have ordered it.

o   Go to a haunted place

§  Go to the place at night, best if it is a full moon night.

§  Mess up the place, kick some chairs, throw some rocks, curse shout or masturbate to anger the spirits. While doing so, observe the environmental change. When you think the time is right; say the following: “Earth bound spirits, I now free you from your bond; come and inhabit this doll.”

§  Put the doll at the place where you want it to do your bidding.


I have to emphasize that both of the methods are dangerous. Ghosts once freed from their bond, may stay with you. These spirits can cause fatal accidents. So you must be able to notice the minute changes in your emotion and perform spiritual cleaning once things are not right. When you want to release the ghosts, bury the doll in a forest or burn it after performing a deliverance service.

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