Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are U Ghosts’ Best Friend?

It is generally believed that when one’s forehead looks dull, not shinny then he or she is running into bad luck. Other than that persons with the brows connected together, the ones just recovered from major illness, if one’s eyes look very dull or the Bazi belongs to the Yin type; then the chances of such persons to stumble into ghosts are great.


Having said so, ghosts don’t just disturb a person for no reasons. It may be the case that a person has offended a spirit by urinate over it, stumbled on their food offerings at road sides, belittling ghosts during one’s speeches etc.


There are many methods as to how a spirit can work out a person, I will not repeat myself:



However, the ghosts that have karmic links with the person are the most difficult to be gotten rid of as ordinary exorcism will not be effective. Only with proper religious deliverance ritual and on the condition that the ghosts agree to forgive their hosts then there are possibilities of releasing these spirits.


Sign and symptoms of a spirit possession:



And certainly there are many counter methods to cure spirit possessions according to various traditions, the flower bath ritual would be quite effective in removing such black aura at the initial stage:


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