Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Face Reading For The Suicides

Where ever you are, say NO to suicide!
I decided to post this article after dreaming an old man inviting me to jump down from a building balcony last night. Hopefully the below tips can save a few lives and this posting would have served its purpose. So say NO to suicide.

The Chinese believe that the spirits of the suicides will be refused entry by the underworld; hence these types of spirits are most fierce, feared of and they will show their ugly death faces to anyone who come across them. Amongst of all the suicides, the death by hanging is the ugliest as this type of ghost will show its grayish death face with bulging eyeballs and perturbing long tongue as its trade mark.


The causes of suicide are many. Amongst those many causes, one of them that always stand out is that associated with the game of Ouija board; or any forms similar to it. So be particularly careful with this low level spirit communication games as a simple spirit possession will lead to the act of suicide.


I post some of the common face reading to share in the hope that any future suicide attempt can be noticed in its early stage and prevent any unwanted incidents from happening.


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