Friday, October 19, 2012

Transference Of Tumor Spell (轉移)

This transference of tumor spell is in fact the same as the Dayak stealing penis spell. But before I go into the spell proper, let me tell you my grandmother’s story.


“My late grandmother was from mainland China, so she has many magical stories and rituals to offer. Below is a story of the application of tumor removing spell to cure a hunch girl:


A young girl from Wu family has a hunch back. So her family consulted a Taoist and the Taoist set up an altar in the family living room. He also prepared a large iron pan filled with water, in the pan the Taoist put in a life frog (田雞), and beside the iron pan, a small stool.


The Taoist also prepared 49 pieces of below talismans:

When everything is set, the Taoist asked the young girl to stand on the stool and instructed the young girl to jump into the iron pan on her own while the Taoist started chanting and burning the talismans.


It was indeed quite strange that the young girl although already around 8 years old still afraid to jump from stool that was only few inches height. As the chanting and burning of talismans are ending, the Taoist gave a loud shout. Immediately the girl’s face turned pale and fell into the pan. Everyone was relief.


The Taoist continued to chant for a while and then he asked the girl to be bathed with the water in the pan. But due to the fact the girl has fallen into the pan and not jumped on her accord; this girl must not eat any frog meat for the rest of her life.


It was interesting enough that after the ritual, the girl’s spinal cord straightened automatically. After a few years lapse, the girl’s parent forgotten the taboo and let the girl consumed some frog meat. The girl’s spinal cord again became hunched and even more severe than before within one year's time.


The Wu family returned to the Taoist, but he refused to cure the girl for a second time.”


As for the ritual:

·         First one must learn up the transfer hand gesture.

·         Then the mantra for transferring must be learnt by heart.

·         One must find two trees, one with a bump and the other is smooth.

·         Now practice to transfer the bump from one tree to another.

·         When this is successfully done, then you can transfer almost anything; even the penis ;-)


Just a gentle reminder that the above is a very brief description of the ritual, and one must received proper empowerment before he or she is allowed to carry out this practice.



  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    This is VERY intresting !!

    ....and unusual too...

    And where are the limits of this "practice" ?

    I mean could you for example transfer whole bodyparts (arms, legs,...e.t.c) ?

    And what's with bones (Fingers or Toe's,..e.t.c), internal organs (Heart, Liver, Kindney's,...e.t.c), eyes, ears, the tongue or the teeth ?

    On what materials could you "transfer" this things ? Paper, wood, iron, plastic ?

    Is there a sort of counter spell ?

    Thank you for your precious time !

    Emir M.

    1. Dear Mr. Emir,

      I supposed one cannot go into too theoretical into magic.

      This is basically a method to transfer tumer or any forms of body growth to a tree or wood if you prefer.

      Unless you have tried that yourself, it is kind of difficult to answer your questions specifically.