Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hag Ride: Spirit Vs Physiological (被鬼壓)

Some people will have this experience during sleeping: their bodies are all of a sudden transfixed in the bed as if being crimped by a heavy object, hard to breath. Well, this is what we call “hag ride” or “被鬼壓”. The Taoist has a very effective remedy to prevent wandering spirits from approaching our bed and hence to prevent “hag ride”.


If it is a real hag ride, then the person would have seen frequent ghostly apparitions coupled with experiencing bad luck. This person will feel a cold breeze, palpation and the feeling of as if falling into an abyss. After awakening from the hag ride, this person’s forehead will be covered by a layer of black aura and look very haggard.


While other physiological factors are the position of hands on the chest during sleep, in addition to that he or she will dream about pressed by heavy object. This is indeed similar to an authentic hag ride. But in this case, the person will not feel chill to his or her spine; but experiencing excessive sweating.


Only upon we understand the real reasons behind the hag ride can we provide proper remedy. Whatever the case is, we should avoid placing our hands on our chest during sleep. Because this will only block our normal breathing and extremely easy to think that it is a real hag ride. Some mild exercise, taking a hot water bath or a cup of warm water will also help in relaxing our body and enhancing our sleeping quality.


If it is indeed the working of a spirit, below is a Taoist talisman to be drawn on four corners of the person’s bed. The truth is, you will need to be empowered to draw this kind of talisman. Otherwise it will not work.


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  1. Most people may have experience this, my whole family including myself has experience this kind of spirits disturbance called "Kena Tindih" same as above. It was creepy though. According to my friends and some who has witness this kind of disturbance they usually see black ghost (Djinn) or shadows people trying to choke them.