Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preventing Green Hat Spell

Man, do you mind if your wife gives you a nice "green hat"?
Wearing a green hat carries a meaning of prostitution in old Chinese culture, the meaning gradually evolved specifically used to refer to wife infidelity. The origin of this custom can be traced up to the Yuan and Ming Dynasty; where prostitutes must wear green clothing and green hat to symbolize that the profession is of lower class.


It is mentioned in Yuan Judgment (元典章) that relatives or parents of a prostitute must wear green scarf on the heads, and hence it became a custom to say “green scarf” to mean prostitution. The meaning gradually specifically refer to a situation that when a wife is infidel to her husband.


I believe, to the majority of the men, it is not a nice thing to wear a “green hat”. Of cause, if you like to change your sex partners often; then please ignore the below ritual:


This is a Malay spell to prevent your wife to have intimate act with another man, men, woman or women alike:


Practice when your wife already fall asleep, 7 days, Use the saliva under your tongue with your right hands thumb and chant:


“wal Yatal La Tap” –


Blow onto your thumb and express your intention in your heart –


“aku Menutup Hawa Nafsu Engkau Pada Orang Lain.”


(I close your carnal desire towards others.)


Then chant –


“ Wala Yus E Ran Na Bikum Ah Hada” –


Then turn your thumb and pull your thumb towards your heart.


Just a fair word of warning, you will be facing your wife, and only to your wife alone for the rest of your life. So think carefully before you act. As for the women, so curse me now or never!


  1. is it the same formula if a woman wanna keep her man faithfull?

    1. No. Woman normally uses 'nasi kangkang', 'shower water' or 'palakit' spell for locking the lust of her husband.