Monday, October 1, 2012

Conjuration Of Zombie

If you fancy to take up some zombies as your free slaves, then below Voodoo spell may be helpful to reduce your labour cost as zombies do not need to be paid. And there is certainly no hassle from trade/workers union to ask for better benefits. Why not, with a simple spell, your return on investment is always positive! :)))

The Ritual

Go to a new grave on a full moon night bring a jar of plain water. Pour an 'X' on the grave with water then repeat the following incantation:

Montezula etut nonum etum
I release you from death's eternal grip
Teku likta nichi
You are free from your box of pine
Getra nikta geshu
Dig forth from your hole
Come forth!
Come forth
Meku ti nonuife
I am your master now
Whatever you do, please do not try this when you are attending a funeral service.
As before, I will not want to be responsible to whatever happens next.


  1. What is the origin of this conjuration? Is it Haitian voodoo or Louisiana voodoo?

    1. I'm not so sure myself... A friend in US passed this ritual to me.. Perhaps good people out there can help :)))