Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sleeping In Coffin For Good Luck

A Thai sleeping in coffin ceremony in progress
This type of ritual can be found in Thai magic and Taoist magic.


The Thai magic is more humane as only new coffin and white cloth are used in the ritual coupled with the chanting of the monk. The participant only need to lie in the coffin for a short time and the ceremony only takes a few minutes.


Compared to the Thai magic, the Taoist type of coffin ritual is more grotesque as it involves sleeping in the actual coffin with its ‘content’.


Sleeping in coffin to change a person’s luck is believed to be originated from ancient witchcraft. Through specific ritual the energy of corpse, earth’s magnetic field and energy of the moon are absorbed to increase one’s power.


The best timing is on the full moon night at around 11pm.


For best result, this ritual is best to be carried out in cemetery, abandoned funeral parlor or an abandoned morgue. The person must first stand at the feet end of the coffin and start chanting and communicate with the spirits. Then depending on the person, he can sleep on the coffin cover, or in the coffin for stronger effect, or even under the coffin.


Of course, the above ritual is for master practitioner only, ordinary people would probably become mad or insane.


A related ritual to absorb corpse energy:



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