Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feng Shui War (風水斗法)

In Feng Shui practice, there are two ways of dealing with “sha” energy:


·         To transform the “sha” (化煞)

·         To counter the “sha” (制煞)


Since Feng Shui is based on the harmony of the Chi energy, the transformation of the “sha” energy is the best option. The later method of countering thesha” using a trident (三叉), Bagua (八卦), an axe or even sharp objects to fight fire with fire, an eye with an eye not only harms your opponent but also bad for yourself.


The below true story happens 10 years ago in Malaysia. The affected party was a millionaire Mr. Chan. Mr. Chan has a bungalow built according Feng Shui “carps leap over dragon gate” format (鯉魚躍龍門).  This format is very good to draw in richness. But carps need water to survive, so Mr. Chan built a big water fountain in front of his bungalow. Indeed as expected, after building the fountain, Mr. Chan’s business expanded rapidly.


On the other hand, Mr. Yap who lived opposite Mr. Chan’s bungalow has built a format of “golden cock stands on one foot” (金雞獨立). This Feng Shui formation forbids facing the water fountain as a cock is afraid of going into the water. Initially, Mr. Yap’s Feng Shui is excellent, but following the completion of Mr. Chan’s water fountain; Mr. Yap’s business gradually gone down the hill. So to counter acting Mr. Chan’s water fountain, Mr. Yap constructed an artificial hill in front of his mansion following Feng Shui principle of earth rule over the water element.


Not long after Mr. Yap has built his artificial hill, Mr. Chan felt that his business was doing not as good as before. After performing some observations, he has concluded that his neighbor, Mr. Yap has sabotaged the “carps leap over dragon gate” format and decides to perform a counter attack on Mr. Yap’s Feng Shui setup. So Mr. Chan planted a row of tall banana trees to use the principle of wood element rules over the earth. At the same time Mr. Yap also counter attack Mr. Chan by building a row of tall stainless steel fence.


I visited the location three years later and only to learn that Mr. Chan and Mr. Yap were both filed for bankruptcy due to business failure. Both bungalows were also changed ownerships. Hence from the above example, I always advise my client that it is better to seek Feng Shui transformation and not to counteracting Feng Shui energies. It is really not advisible to fight fire with fire using Feng Shui methods don't you also agree so?

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