Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Curse of The Dark Goddess (釘頭七箭)

This is a famous, or rather infamous method of torturing your enemy. This ritual has been a popular topic in old Chinese literatures. Let us explore this ritual and hopefully there is no need of employing it in this life or next. I am sure that you already notice the equivalent rituals in Thai, Malay, Voodoo or Javanese magic.


The patron goddess of this ritual is the dark goddess, “the dark maiden from the nine heavens” (九天玄女). This is the most beautiful Taoist goddess of war. Have a look at the above picture and tell me what you think. This goddess has the service of the twelve zodiacs (六丁六甲) as her generals.


I would have thought that she is the emanation of the dark goddess Kali in Hinduism. Since goddess Kali is also dark in color and responsible for destruction. Well, again I leave it to the experts.


The general ritual setup is as follows:

1.      Construct a manikin with wild grass according to standard requirements. Insert the birth date of your enemy into the stomach of the manikin.

2.      Erect the manikin in the center of a bowl of water.

3.      Prepare 49 pieces of sharp rods made from bamboo.

4.      Perform incantation to request the assistant of the dark goddess.

5.      After the incantation, poke the manikin with one of the bamboo rods.

6.      The ritual is to be performed every night, until all of the 49 rods are finished.


The symptoms:

The victim will feel lethargic over time, confused, easy to be agitated. At the beginning, he/she will feel partial body pain. Upon the completion of 21st poking, the pain will aggravate. Upon the 35 poking, the victim will be bedridden and in comma. In this situation, you can choose to end the victim’s life in 49 days, or drag until 3 or 5 years to insert the final rod, that is to the heart.


There are three applications of such ritual:


1.      Callback Runaways: although not recommended, it can be used to callback runaways. The person should be able to return in 15 days. If the person fail to return after the period that means the person is detained by others. Whatever the condition is, remedy must be applied to avoid harming the person.

2.      For cursing thieves.

3.      For destroying enemies.



If one suspects that he/she is the victim of such witchcraft, the only way is to beg the forgiveness of the dark goddess.


But guys, whatever you do, please keep your mind pure ;-)

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