Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polong Or Pelesit Alike

The Malay believes that polong is a predominantly a male spirit and kept by a man; while a pelesit is a female spirit and kept by a woman. Whatever you would like to call it; its height is less than one inch. Whoever is keeping a polong will have a very thin physique, haggered and pale. Polong attacks its victim with its sharp fangs and it leaves two small holes on its victim’s body.


Polong or pelesit is said to be able to know enemies’ secrets and inform its master. It also can perform heavy duties such as building a house and assist its owner when in need. A polong is believed to possess the power to take the form of its master. The master of a polong is called “bapa” (“ibu” for pelesit) or “father” (“mother”). The local believe that polong will do anything for its master, but as a reward; this polong must be fed with the owner’s blood. If this owner refuses his polong blood, then this polong will become wild and will endanger its owner’s life.


According to common belief a polong is originated from the blood of a murdered victim. This blood is collected and kept in a bottle. A conjuration ritual is carried out for one week or so. Then polong will produce sound as if that of a newly hatched chick signifies that this polong is “ready” to serve its master. It is suffice just to feed the polong with a drop of its owner’s blood at this stage.


On the other hand, there is another opinion that says in order to own a polong, a person need to draw a drop of blood from his little finger into a small bottle. Then this bottle is wrapped with a piece of yellow cloth. The bottle is then hanged on the person’s bed, directly above his head. After that, a conjuration ritual is carried out while smudging the bottle for 40 days. Foam will be visible accompanied by sounds of newly hatched chick can be heard coming out from the inside of the bottle after 40 days. Not long after that, polong will manifest itself and ready to receive its first order.

I was told that when the voice of polong is clearly heard, then it is still quite far away. If the voice is faint, then the polong is near.


If you suspect that a polong is around you, and then seek if there is a grasshopper around. You must catch the grasshopper and plug its head. After that you must cut the body of the grasshopper into two. Observe if there is blood or rice in the body. The blood or rice will be the telltale sign that the creature is a polong (likewise with a Peleset).


One of the methods to find out the identity of polong’s owner is to press a piece pepper seed onto the right thumb of the said victim while reciting Kaf 40. It is said that by doing so, the polong will shout out the name of its owner. Having said that, it is in fact many times this type of technique is used to accuse an innocent person of due to hatred, jealous or personal revenge. 

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