Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conjuring Primordial Force: Serpent Power

In many cultures, serpent goddess is believed to be the primordial force of all mankind.


In China, the Nuwa(女媧) is believed to be the creator of mankind. She is also said to be the first Chinese ruler.

In Indonesia there is Nini Blorong:

In India/Tibet there is Naga:

The Lilith:

And many more...

Below mantra is said to be extreme dangerous but for the purpose of your reference only:

"Ahnal Nathrock
Uthvus Bethod
Dathayel Deeinvae"
All your wish will be granted but will a heavy price to pay. Beware.


  1. Very interesting.

    The Chaotic Dragon Force is of great relevance within certain black magic traditions.

    Amongst these Dragons you can also name Lotan, Tiamat, Leviathan and Taninsam, who is actually the serpentine Dragon aspect of Demon Goddess Lilith.

    The mantra you gave in this post, can you tell a little more about it? From which tradition is it and how is it to be used? With specific offerings and rituals? Exactly which deity is it connected to?

    1. Many of the rituals such as this I collected during my stay in UK and Europe. This particular one was collected from an old lady in Scottland.

      I don't know very much about the tradition, but according to the old lady:

      1. Sit in front of the hearth of your house while burning some wood or charcoal.

      2. Write your wish on a piece of partchment paper. Sign in your own blood if you will.

      3. Recite the mantra repeatedly then throw the paper into the hearth.

      4. This will call up dragons from fiery hell.

      I have tried it and dreamed about an ugly creature came out from a fiery pit... a few weeks later; hurricane hit one of the neighbouring country and sacrificed hundreds of people. I'm not telling which part of the SEA, but I think u know dat too :P

  2. Hi Liew,

    I psychically checked in and found these serpents are not in the dragon class of beings. They are more of the serpents or snake type of being.

    The one connected to the post you posted is blackish and brownish in complexion. They have long hair. Arms are skinny. Fingernails are long. Looks like an old woman. Huge black eyes.

    The body is human-like from the waist upwards. The rest of the body is like a snake or serpent.

    They like blood. Likes sacrifices. They live in the area like the core of the planet, hot like the molten core of the earth.

    These serpents are restrained or restricted to this area. They are not allowed to come out unless someone uses the mantra or prayer to call them which will release one or more of them.

    Once they get to our realm, they will take blood. They love blood. Therefore BE CAREFUL. Be careful as they may take a person life if the person is not powerful enough compare to them, etc.

    1. Hi VvLim,

      Hmm... I think I hv released one of those creatures during my trial and it has taken its toll. No worries, let us see what can control them in my next posting :P