Friday, October 19, 2012

Thai Magic Knife (Meed Kru)

A Meed Kru made of Numpee iron
A Thai magic knife is called Meed Mhor or Meed Kru. Its main purpose is to protect its owner from the harm of black magic, to exorcise bad spirits and Maha-Umnaj (makes your enemies afraid of you), Mahalap (wealth & fortune), good business etc. Everyone can use a Meed Kru but there are certain rules in keeping a Meed Kru effective.


A Meed Kru must be put on a high place and it must be worshipped with a simple ritual twice daily: once in the morning before you step out from your house, and once in the evening before you go to bed.


First, bring the Meed Kru in front of you and burn some incense sticks. Then think of Pra Pikanae and recite the below Katha:





“OM GAN CHEUN KRU” (Invite kru)

… (state your desires).

Please do not forget to put your Meed Kru back to its original place after the worship.

Of course, different guru will have different methods of keeping a Meed Kru alive. So, my friend, have you performed Meed Kru worship diligently? Or it is just another knife in your locker? I am sure you know the answer better than me J!

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