Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cheating Death With Sea Water (海水避死)

Taoist hiding method is meant to “avoid death”. This ritual is normally carried out when an astrological reading shows that a person is expected to have life threatening incidents within a period of three years. A person can use this method to extend his or her life span for a total of three years every time. However, if the life span of a person has come to an end, then this method will not be effective.


There are many ways to carry out a “Cheating Death” ritual; we have already gone through the “Rock Ritual”. Now let us review the “Water Ritual” as below:


·         This ritual must be carried out in the requester’s house.

·         First you must set up an altar to honor the “North Plough” (北斗)

·         Prepare a big earth urn and fill half of the urn with sea water.

·         Make a small boat from wood or bamboo, and then cut some of the person’s hair and finger nails. Wrap these personal belongings with a piece of red paper. Put this wrapping on the boat and followed by put the small boat in to the urn. You must make sure that the boat floats steadily on the sea water. Now, close the mouth of the urn with a piece of red cloth.

·         Finally put a bow and seven pieces of arrows on the urn.

·         Place the urn under the North Plough altar.

·         Avoid disturbing the urn for a period of three years.


The person who is “cheating death” must perform a simple exercise every month to see if his or her trouble is over. This person must observe his or her shadow to find out if the “cheating death” ritual has taken effect:


·         If the shadow is complete and bright, then the ritual is effective.

·         If the shadow has no head, then this person will die soon.


There are many follow up rituals such as praying to the North Plough to prolonged life, or further “hiding” rituals depending on the situation of the person.

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