Friday, October 5, 2012

Necromancy With A Medium

Necromancy is the art of communicating with the dead for divination. This is really an old art; every culture will have one form or another of it. So for those thrill seekers, ghost adventurers or people just want to have fun; I have below a necromancy ritual that you can try. But still, I would advise to leave this type of ritual alone as dealing with agitated spirits are dangerous.


The below ritual can be used for any spirits except for the one you love.


Items needed:


·         A salt circle to cage the spirit

·         Belongings of the deceased

·         Some incense

·         Dirt from the grave

·         A medium


To do:


·         Cast the circle to encompass the grave.

·         Ask the medium to sit in the circle.

·         Burn the incense in front of the medium.

·         Have a bag full of coarse salt with you.

·         Light enough candles to encircle the grave.

·         Let the medium hold the belonging of the deceased.

·         Call for the protection of the 4 watchers: East, West, South and North.

·         Call out the name of the deceased slowly.

·         The spirit will show its presence in the following ways:

o   A sudden flaring of candles

o   A scent, sound, mist or a chill feeling.

·         At this point, your medium should fall into a trance.

·         Ask him/her questions, be specific.

·         Once you are done, throw a handful of coarse salt to the medium until he/she is awakened.

·         Leave the place at once.


The above necromantic conjuration is dangerous in that the medium may become mad, violent or even ran out of the protective circle into darkness. Once this medium ran out of your sight, then you may see the last of him/her. So you will need many strong guys to stand by just in case.


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