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Magic Iron: Call It By Any Other Name

Iron is one of the seven elements existed naturally. It is known as the most abundant metal on earth. Iron is resistant to heat, against weathered, strong and flexible and it is definitely the man’s best friend. The main use of iron in magic is to control spirits. Below are iron found in various forms across Southeast Asia:


Meteorite Iron (Tibet, SEA)


Meteorite is used in many cultures to make sacred weapons: Tibetan used it to construct phurpa and sacred sword, the Malay and Java people also make use of the meteorite to make kerises. Weapons made from meteorite iron are believed to be most effective in subduing demonic forces.


Lek Namphee (Thai)


It is said to be a miracle mineral that was found only in Thong Saeng Kaan district, Uttaradit province (7 hours north of Bangkok).


The Thais believe that “Lek Namphee” is a sacred substance and only used for making sacred weapons. It is also said that “Lek Namphee” has a supernatural power of making the owner to be invulnerable to weapons, black magic and disasters. Most of Thai’s great warrior and king owned one of the sacred sword made of Lek Namphee.


Lek Lai (Thai)


Lek Lai need no further introduction. This type of material is said to give the keeper invulnerability of fire arms, anti black magic and protection from harms.


Besi Kuning (Indonesia, Malaysia)


This is a type of rare iron. It is said that this type of iron can be found in old beehive on the mountain. Besi Kuning is hid in certain spots in the beehive in small petrified cocoon. There is a needle hole in the cocoon that contains a pair of yellow iron.


This type of Besi Kuning is believed to give its owner invulnerability of weapons and feared by others. The owner is said to be able to possess supernatural powers. Some people said the famous Keris Taming Sari was made by Besi Kuning plus other 6 types of irons.


Besi Kursani (Indonesia)


Besi Kursani is said to be the strongest natural iron existed. It is said that Besi Kursani is mined from the earth crust in Java. According to narrations of old folks, Besi Kursani also can be found in human body. The benefits of Besi Kursani are: good sales, increase attractiveness and invulnerability to weapons. It was a norm to mix some of the Besi Kursani in making selected keris.


Keris Iron (SEA)


The main ingredient of keris iron is a mixture of iron and meteorite iron; also together with other forms of iron such as besi kuning etc.


It was said that the first Islamic King of Brunei, Awang Alak Betatar or Sultan Mohammad Syah was once to Kinabalu Mount to hunt for a golden horn seladang (Asian Gaur) that had repeatedly destroyed His Majesty’s ginger plantation. During the hunt, His Majesty accidently found a piece of black iron meteorite.


So the meteorite was forged into two long black swords. According to available sources, during the reign of Awang Alak Betatar on to the Barunah Kingdom, His Majesty kept a sword to himself, while the other sword to prince Sultan Awang Koyoh.


Tahi Besi (Malaysia)


Tahi besi is the remainder of the iron smelting process or the debris from sawing iron. Some people said it is the iron oxide (rust).


The use of thai besi are normally to curse people. Black magicians are fond of using tahi besi to enchant their victims, to destroy one’s business (by burying the tahi besi in the business compound) or to divorce a family (by burying the tahi besi into the house compound). According to the old belief, whoever steps over the buried tahi besi will have no offspring.


Having said so, tahi besi also said to possess the power to make its owner invisible to his enemy. It can also sharpen its owner’s sixth senses.


The Pelesit ghost is said to be afraid of tahi besi. For the uninitiated, a Pelesit is a spirit looks like an extremely ugly old lady with long white hair. It walks like a walrus and rides on a grasshopper. This special grasshopper has a red mark on its head, on plucking its head; you will find a very fine piece of hair.

What do you think friends? To me iron is just iron, call it by any other name, it is just iron.

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