Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flying Curse Soul Catching Spell (巫毒飛咒勾魂)

I must say that this is one of the deathliest voodoo spell in my collection. It is posted here for your review only on request.


Below are the ritual procedures:


·         Get yourself a pair of vulture claws, a piece of long iron needle, some hairs and finger nails of your target.

·         Make a voodoo doll and put the hairs or nails into the doll. Then write the person’s name and address onto the doll.

·         Wrap the voodoo doll with a piece of black cloth; leave the head out.

·         When it is ready, put the doll on the floor, and place the vulture claws on both sides.

·         Light a black candle in front of you and sprinkle some ritual oil or perfume on the doll and yourself.

·         Take the vulture claws in both of your hands, stare at the doll and recite the below incantation for nearly 2 hours: “za-za-hei-ha-hei, so-and-so, you are under my curse! Hei-ting-hei, the vulture is encircling over your head, it will devour your heart and internal organs, hei-ting-hei! Hei-hei-ting! Hei-ai-ha-hei!”

·         After each incantation, use the vulture claws to encircle on the head of the voodoo doll a few times.

·         When you think the voodoo doll has enough, give it a loud shout “I nail you down to hell!” and poke the heart of the doll with the iron needle.

·         If your power is enough, the person where ever he or she is, will fall down on to the ground due to excruciating pain.

·         Burn the doll after 3 days.


As a general rule, any magic in order to be effective; must have the service of familiar spirits. A needle will not fly unless it is carried by a spirit; things will not happen just because I say so. Don’t try this spell on an opponent that is stronger than you or you will be hit instead. I don’t provide free service … And it is not cheap; just to remind you J!



  1. Thanks for sharing. You do a fine work here!

    Could you tell a little bit about the background of this ritual? From which Tradition does it come from? Daoism?

    Also, the Words of Power used, which language or from which system are they and do you know what they mean?

    The vulture is used in some traditions I am familiar with but something very hard to get hands on, is it possible to employ other birds of prey instead or are the words of power connected specifically to a vulture spirit?

    Keep up the good work, I read you blogg every day and enjoy it very much.

    A request; I know there are many "games" in SEA for contacting the dead, could you make a series of posts about them? I am familiar with some of them and even if they are "games" I do see potential in many of them, as they tend to take things farther and deeper than the usual Ouija board games of west.

    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you for visiting.

      I was told that this is a African Purei ritual.

      The words of power has no specific meaning.. it served to bring a person into trance.

      May be u can try the claws of owls, felcons or eagles ... not sure if u can use the turkey's.

      Indeed there are many spiritual games. Let me see what can i find out. Stay tune.

      Have a good day too.

  2. Thanks for the answer.

    I have actually some insights into certain forms of African sorcery, specially the ones in different ways connected to the Congolese branches, but I do not know "African Purei ritual" is. Can you please elaborate?

    Otherwise, beside the words of power that I did not understand, the rest of the ritual is very traditional and could very well work, if the caster is empowered enough.

    To use a rusty coffin nail to nail the doll down would also empower the whole thing, in the same way that the curse would hit harder if the cloth used to cover the representation would be on that had been buried with or otherwise in contact with a corpse.

    The vulture himself is of immense importance in for example the Congolese branches of necromancy and is called Mayimbe and is a guardian of very deep mysteries related amongst other things to the dead and death.

    Looking forward to your new postings.

    1. I got the ritual from a Nigerian professor named Ampapa a while ago. He said that the Purei branch of magic is normally practiced in secret by witches or women only. Their main deity is cobra goddess, a snake with the head of a woman. Besides that I don't have too much information of this branch of magic... African sorcery is not of my research interest as I don't have links such as that of the Javanese, Thai or Taoist branches.

      If you can help me to gain some insights in the African sorcery, that would be interesting.

  3. Interesting.

    Sure, I could share some information with you. Let me just know about the specific topic and we can discuss.