Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dragon Slayers: Magic Swords

Looks like I have released some serpentine energies onto this world and created some havoc. So let us see what can we do to correct this mistake.

Magic sword is not meant to be used as an actual weapon.. Indeed, if we try to use this ritual implement as a physical defensive/offensive weapon; then we are just asking for troubles. But, these magic ritual swords have tremendous powers in the spiritual realms and especially useful in controlling the dragons and the serpents. So let us review some of the rare ones out there:

From Tibet:

The above is not a 'wisdom sword' but an antique ritual meteorite sword belong to Bon tradition. It is watched over by a naga with a human skull head. It can kill the uninitiated even in the dreams and cause harm to its owner when one is not careful. This is the most powerful and dangerous ritual implement that I have come across. If you are a psychic, then tell me what you feel.

From Bhutan:

The above shows an antique symbolic sword used in tantric ritual and dance.

From Vietnam:

This is a Yao Priest's ritual sword. It is a must have item in performing any important Taoist rituals.

From Northern Thailand/Myanmar:

A Karen tribe ritual sword only for a qualified shaman, not any ordinary people can handle it.

From Thailand:

The above is a picture of Numpee magic sword. Mainly used for protection from black magic.

From Kelantan Malaysia:


A local Kelantanese keris said to related to former Jembal Kingdom. Its original owner is still watching over this keris.

From Java Indonesia:

A Javanese keris belonged to a royal pawang, with a princess khodam.
From Bali Indonesia:

Keris lurus/straight meteorite (not sure if it is Prambanan meteorite) Bali with Barong hilt and Gayaman sheath.
Each of the magic sword is unique with different ritual background. If you are a psychic, then I would like to hear from you on your opinions on the above items. 

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