Monday, October 22, 2012

Office Politics Offensive Rituals

If you are working in a company, be it in a family business or a so called multi-national company then chances that you will be back stabbed, cursed at, swear at physically and even mentally is part and parcel of your work.  This is more so if you have managed to climb up to the top level of the corporate ladder to a position to be called a “boss”.


Although we say that this is a free world and people can do what they like; the person who is attacked will be hurt mentally and physically. In long run this condition will lead to stress and low morale issues. What transpires next is that work efficiency will drop and more confrontation within the company. If unchecked still, then someone in the company will resign. The replacement of this person will start his or her office politic all over again.


Direct confrontation only invites quarrel, hot temper or even physical retaliation. Someone may resort to the indirect method such as magic spells in fear of retaliation or retribution from his or her enemies.


So you want to fight fire with fire, an eye for an eye?
Okay. Below are two simple offensive rituals for your survival as office workers:


Banishing Troublemakers (防小人)



·         Draw the above talisman on a piece of red paper.

·         Use your finger to trace the lines while reciting:

a.       四縱五橫,吾今出行,盜我者死,滅我者亡。

b.      “Four verticals and five horizontals, I am working. Whoever steals from me dies, whoever intends to destroy me parishes!”

·         After that put a pair of scissors with open mouth on the completed talisman implying you is cutting away your problems away; the mouth of the scissors must not point towards you.


Destroying Gossips (滅是非)



·         Draw the talisman on the right as shown on your left palm and say:

o   若有強人不服者,一聲霹靂永無蹤。

o   “If there are any strong and bold who do not yield to me, thunder destroys without a trace.”

·         Hold your left palm into fist and release the palm towards a window or over the picture of the troublemaker while imagining the troublemaker is struck by thunder and lightning.


On the other hand, if you are yourself a troublemaker and gossip spreader, then don’t be surprised that you are attacked: magically or physically alike.


  1. The Against the Trouble maker spell, is it a kuji Kiri gird used?

    1. Yes. Some texts said that the Kuji Kiri was originated from Taoist. So the Taoist's 4-5 grid is similar to the Japanese Juji Kiri.