Friday, October 5, 2012

There Is Something In Your House!

As a rule of thumb, ghosts like to stay at places that are quiet, dirty, damp or untidy empty houses. But if you have been reading this blog and doing some of the rituals, then beware of the below signs and symptomsJ:


·         Strange feeling

o   You felt strange when you are staying in your house. You are not at peace or felt continuous nervousness. There is a felt of thick, narrow or heavy atmosphere inside your house.

·         Strange noise

o   You are hearing strange noise. Such as knocking sound on the walls, foot step noise, running, people taking a shower while you are alone, whispers near your ears.

·         Smelt the smells

o   If you smell fragrance of flowers indicate good spirits.

o   If you smell foul smells, smell of blood or things rotten, then you has harmful spirits.

·         Things move by itself

o   Chairs or furniture moved by itself, ‘earthquake’ only inside your house etc.

·         Pets look agitated.

o   Be careful when your cats, chickens, birds, fish in the aquarium, dogs etc look agitated.

o   Unusual death of pets.

o   Dog howls in the house, bark at empty spaces, charge to a direction or hide its tail between its hind legs.

·         Actual manifestation!

o   This will certainly scaring the living day light out of you.


Unless your house is located on lay lines, ‘in empty lines’, old burial sites, or places that has major catastrophic events; normally a simple ritual will put the disturbances to rest. But still, better to seek the expert in the field for advice.

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