Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Dazzling New Age Stuffs


An assortment of precious stones used in New Age Chakra cleaning ritual.
I was fortunate enough to make my way to Kaoshiong, Taiwan to visit an old school mate. So happened that he has an appointment with a new age psychic lady and to save his travelling time; I agreed to tag along. Well, basically I was just nosy; not that I have any interests in new age stuffs.


Okay. After travelling on my pal’s scooter for an hour or so through heavy traffics, we were at the door step of the new age lady’s service center and greeted by her. My pal was supposed to go in first but since this lady said that I also had some serious “spiritual” problems; so I also go into the lady’s office with my pal.


Now that we were comfortably seated, the lady took out a piece of cardboard printed on it her services. According to the psychic that in order for her treatment to be effective, we must follow a 10 course treatments. Or as the psychic called "The New Age Spirit Rejuvenating Spa (added with a TM)":


·         An all rounded Astrology and Tarot card reading. (NTD5000)

·         Attunement and cleaning of the 7 Chakras using precious stones. (NTD5000)

·         Reiki (NTD10,000)

·         Prosperity and tea of fading love (NTD1000 each)

·         Lucky numbers pick (NTD1000)

·         Clearing obstacle clearance (NTD5000)

·         Power stones (Price varies)

·         Karma clearance

o   X-Man transformation (NTD5000)

o   Beauty program (NTD5000)

o   Richman program (NTD5000)

·         New age Feng Shui (NTD10,000 per visit)

·         Contacting your spirit guide (NTD5000)

o   The Taoist System

o   The Angelic System


I pondered for a while and figured that it would cost around NTD60,000++ (around USD2000++) for one person to take a full treatment course. It was kind of hard for me to pull out such a sum of money, so I told the lady I would skip her kind offer even though the psychic repeatedly said that I have many evil spirits followed me … And why not? I know better: those were my personal guardians! Hahaha.


So, what do you think? Are you willing to spend USD2000 for the treatment as my pal did? To tell you the truth, I still have major headache by merely recalling the psychic’s price list J.

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  1. Worst thing is that most of these New Age crap is just fake and have no foundation in actual and authentic spiritual insights. If you for 2000USD really can get all the stuff that this person had promised it would have been worth it, but better to pay an actual whore instead of a "spiritual" one for then you at least get a Happy ending instead of the unhappy ending of being ripped off that these new age clowns give people ;)