Friday, October 12, 2012

Exorcists: Beware Of Human!!

Performing exorcism ritual is a risky business. Not only the demonic forces may harm the exorcist; the most traumatic part of exorcism came from our best friend ‘human’ counterpart. There are many reasons that cause a person to be possessed:


·         Genuine possession

o   Genuine possession is very rare; you will know when you see one.

·         Self-induced possession

o   Our imagination can in most instances, run wild.

·         Induced by unscrupulous people for their own ends

o   There are many people depending on occult and astrology to make money. They will take every opportunity to get into your wallet.

·         Mental disorders

o   Hysteria, schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder are illnesses of the nervous system.

·         Pranksters

o   There are pranksters everywhere.


People can become very dramatic when dealing with spiritual issues. So an exorcist must be careful in determining which genuine cases are and which are not. Raging, blasphemy, contortion, obvious lying, vomiting, shaking, screaming are not proves of genuine possessions. On the other hand, if the person is able to speak out the thought of an exorcist’s mind; then he probably has a case.


If an exorcist failed to handle an exorcism properly, he or she may die due to:


·         Tension

o   Tension caused by trying to solve a false case or a bad joke.

·         Natural course

o   Death due to old age.

·         Demonic course

o   Real demons can really harm.


Whatever the case is, the exorcist must have confident in the system he or she is following. The person to be exorcised must also be ready for exorcism and willing to be ‘cured’. Also, a hence delivered person needs to be looked after carefully and never forgotten.


If care is not taken, then an exorcist may have mental, emotional, nervous breakdown or even death attribute to his or her lurid and often horrific experiences. Not from the spirits; but from ‘human’ factors.


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