Thursday, October 18, 2012

Possession Through Meditation

Below is a true experience from Ms Cheng.


Ms Cheng is a 20 odd years old lady who has learnt many meditation techniques through self-study methods. She got most of her materials through CD and books. Cheng is inspired to integrate all available meditative techniques to form her own school. As she has wished, Cheng possess the ability to see and communicate with spirits in her meditation. Soon things got out of hand and the apparition she saw would not disappear after she ends her meditation session.


According to Cheng, she subsequently felt that there is ‘something’ in her body and it is very powerful. She also can see strange lights in her altar. But when I looked at her, her eyes fall deep into her eye sockets, add to that there is a layer of black aura surrounding her eye sockets. It is really doubtful if Cheng is already possessed!


In fact, Cheng’s case is not isolated. There are many other similar incidents out there. Many Yoga self learners complaint of being disturbed by spirits during their meditation. A psychologist may attribute this as some kind of mental disorder, hallucination or psychosis.


Things like that of meditation, hypnotism or even Chinese Qigong (breathing exercises) are best to be learnt under the guidance of experts. If a person has a weak spirit or mental illness, once he or she is engaged in a meditative practice, it is easy to see illusions. Hence in long run, these illusions will be imprint into one’s subconscious mind and these imprints will be reflected out as a true object even the person is in his or her wakeful state. Without proper guidance, this particular person will not be able to differentiate what he or she sees is real or hallucination.


There are millions of people practicing meditations worldwide. According to experts, meditation will cause a person to fall into the feeling of emptiness; hence a person with weak spirit or mental illness should not try on his or her own. Instead this person should do more exercises, and meditation cannot be learnt by just closing your eyes alone.


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