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Queen Ajasmoro’s Love Magic

This mantra originates from Jawa Island, it is used to get love from someone. It also consist the element of calling.


The Background


It is narrated that King Minakjinggo of Blambang was trying to underme the power of Majapahit. Who is King Minakjinggo? He was originally named Joko Umbaran, a powerful and handsome young man. The Queen Kencono Wungu was holding a contest where the Queen of Majapahit declared that anyone who can beat Kebo Marcuet; and so be it that if the winner is a woman will become her sister, otherwise would be her husband.


Finally, the duel between Joko Umbaran and Kebo Mercuet took place. And the fight was won by Joko Umbaran. However, consequence from the fight, Joko Umbaran’s originally handsome face was destroyed by Mercuet Kebo. Kebo Mercuet himself was killed by Mercuet Kebo.



Because it was already promised, the Queen must be prepared to be the wife of Kencono Umbaran Joko. Unfortunately, due to the condition of Umbaran Joko Kencono Wungu, Queen Anjasmoro was reluctant. So she looked for a plausible reason and told Joko Umbaran to set up the Duchy in the easternmost part of Java, called Blambangan. There Joko Umbaran was titled King Minak Jinggo.



Since it was apparent that Queen Kencono did not intend to uphold her promise, King Minak Jinggo rebelled against Majapahit. For his insubordination, a young man named Damarwulan was sent to kill Minak Jinggo. The war was told in song of Asmorodono:



“Anjasmoro arimami

Masmiran kulako warto

Dasihmu tan wurung layon

Aning kutho Probolinggo

Prang duel lan Urubismo

Karyo mukti duh wong ayu

Kakang was excused palastro”



It is an expression of her lover named Goddess Damarwulan Anjasmoro. Damarwulan in reality did not like Queen Kencono Wngu to be married by Jinggo Minak.


Damarwulan was repeatedly defeated in wars against Jinggo Manik. Eventually with the assistance by Waeto and Puyengan, wives of  Minak Jinggo by stealing Godo wesi kuning and the Sukoyono sword.


The above was a glimpse of the myth of Goddess Anjasmoro.



Now the ritual:


(1)  Stand in front of your house or a park on a Friday night.


(2) Inhale and hold on to your breath, while using your right hand to clap on the ground for 7 times (this is to call upon the power of ground/darkness) Without being fear, you aren't able to see it unless you used a dogs tears and wipe it on your eyes. Not recommended but also you can feel its existence as you will be feeling the chill as though there is some one on your right. You've summon for this to help you in achieving your wish.


(3) Hold a full sense of emotion and desire and chant the mantra-


Hai, Ratu Ajasmoro

Turunlah bersama air mata Siti Fatimah

Kuseru namamu membantu-ku

Kembalikan roh ………. ( Name of the person you love)

Kasih kepada-ku.


Hai ibu bumi

Kusera tujuh petala bumi

Kuseru tujuh petala langit

Kembalikan-lah kasih cucu Hawa kepada-ku

Biar tujuh gunung meng-halang

Biar tujuh lautan merentang

Sedang-kan kuman di-seberang laut lagi-kan datang

Sia-pa halang sia-pa binasa

Sia-pa datang sia-pa ke-cundang


Hai Ratu Ajasmoro

Kembalikan-lah roh ……………..( Name of the person you love) kepada-ku

Atas ber-kat nur Siti Fatimah

Kabul kata guru-ku

Kabul kata peng-aji-an ku



At the end of the mantra, repeat the name of your loved one followed by his/her mothers name 3 times and finally ask him/her to come to you or to your home


Its a very powerful mantra and impressive to restore the lover who had dropped out or who want to get love.


Remember! This art is very powerful. If you aim is based on curiosity or revenge then this is not allowed.

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