Thursday, October 4, 2012

Games To See Ghosts

Indeed there are many simple and seemingly harmless games people who have got nothing to do play in the hope to see ghosts. As far as I can remember, some of the activities are students’ favorites after year end examinations. So let us explore some of the below:


Thai methods:


·         Spirit of the glass

o   This is the same as Ouija board but using empty glass as media.

·         Entreating hungry ghosts

o   The Thai believe that crossroads are places where spirits congregate. If you want to see ghosts, then go to a crossroad at 3am with a bowl of plain rice, 3 pieces of white candles and a pair of chopsticks.

o   Find a place where you will not be disturbed and start striking the edge of bowl with the chopsticks gently while calling for the wandering spirits to join you for the meal.

·         Hide and seek

o   Find a few friends to play hide and seek at 12 midnight.

o   When you have successfully found all but one of your friends, it is said that this friend is hid by ghosts that also want to play.

o   Get a black cat, release it and follow where it goes, then you will see the ghosts.

·         See between your legs

o   Lower down your head and see between your legs.

·         Open up umbrella in subways

o   Find a spot in the subway with your umbrella that you will not be spotted. Open up the umbrella and swing it to and fro as if you are fetching someone. Try it and tell me what you see?

·         Pretend that you are dead

o   Wear the dead people’s clothing and sleep in the coffin at 12 midnight, you will be visited by many ‘unknown friends’.

·         Comb your hair at midnight

o   Light a piece of white candle, sit in front of a mirror and start combing your hair slowly while humming an old song while observing the reflection of the mirror. You will enjoy the experience.


Chinese methods:


·         The eyes of a raven

o   Dip eyes of a raven in water and apply the water on your eyelids.

·         Leaves of banyan tree

o   Pluck some banyan tree leaves at dawn while they are still wet with morning dew; rub the leaves onto your eyelids.

·         Waiting for ghosts

o   Find a quiet place such as under bridges, best if the river is still flowing. Burn two pieces of joss sticks; cover your head with a piece of black cloth and squat down.

o   If you are patient enough, then you will see something is approaching you.

·         The cornering method

o   Find 4 companions, each stand in one corner at midnight.

o   Ask the 4 person to run in circle and pat the next person’s shoulder. By right, the last person should not be able to pat any physical person.

o   Do that until the last person is able to pat a physical person, then this person is a spirit.

·         The mahjong method

o   Prepare some spirit money and light 4 white candles at four corners of a table where a mahjong game will begin.

o   Start playing the mahjong using spirit money. Soon you will notice the candle flames veered to one side. Continue and you will see more things.

o   Best to play the game at midnight and haunted place.


What do you think? Play the games and find out. Do not forget to share your experiences.



  1. Yes, it was these kind of things I had in mind. Thanks for sharing.

    Is it not a Malay "game" in which an effigy is made with sticks and a coconut as its head and given a pen to write messages with and the dead are invoked into this effigy held by a medium and messages are written on a black board as the doll starts to move?

    Do you know the whole process for doing that ritual? I find that one relevant as I can see how one could make it work with the correct kind of branches from certain trees, the burning of relevant incense, the giving of offerings, the correct location for the ritual and the right person channelling the dead into the stick effigy.

    I can see how that could end up working. I saw some clips about this some time ago and became interested, as necromancy (magic and divination with the dead) is my main area of interest and practice.

  2. The Malay has a type similiar called 'jelengkung':

    What you mentioned is mainly played by the Chinese community called "the spirit of a busket" or something like that. U'll need at least 2 players though.

    And necromancy is another branch of magic altogether.

  3. Interesting. But, necromancy simply means Divination with the aid of the dead. Necro= the dead and mantia= to divine/do divination. Therefore all forms of communication with the dead for the sake of getting answers is Necromancy, this makes even the simplest game with the goal to talk to the dead and ask them question Necromancy. There are of course many different forms and levels of necromancy and the games are low level. All form of mediumistic activity is in other words Necromancy proper.

    here is a simple link explaining the term, which originates from Greek: