Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pulunggana-Pulungsari Love Spell

Competition in the romance is really tough now a day, this is especially true for those who lacks in material (not so rich) and physically (not so beautiful/handsome).

While we cannot help with what is given to us in material and physical, magic can help in its own way. Below is a simple spell that would make you to be fascinated by people who sees you.

1. You must have good intention. Then fast on Tuesday kliwon, Wednesday legi and Thursday pahing.

2. During midnight of fasting period, burn benzoin or incense while chanting the mantra below for 99x.


Niat ingsung matek ajiku pulunggana-pulungsari

Sun lebokaken pethiku wesi, gumebyar-gebyar marang dhadaku

Wong sabuwana teko welas teko asih marang badanku

asih welas, welas asih, kersane Alloh

laa illaaha illaloh Muhamad Rosululloh”

If you have done it correctly, it is enough just to chant it once and automatically the spell will work by itself.


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