Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pets Are Forever?

However cute this dogie may be, please release it!!
Pets especially dogs and cats are human’s best friends, no doubt about it.


I meant when all those animals are pets when they cuddle around you and even sleep with you at night; it is indeed cozy. The question is: should we continue to keep their spirits after they are dead?


My friend Amy treated her pet cat as if her own daughter. Unfortunately cat’s life is short and Amy’s cat died one year ago. Being a good master, Amy even buried her cat in her garden and visited the “grave” daily. After a while, Amy came to me and asked me if I can conjure up her cat’s spirit and continue to keep it as a “pet spirit”.


I told her to knock off the idea as her best friend in life will not be her best friend after death. The reason is that animal spirits if not delivered upon death will become earthbound spirits. As animals are by nature afraid of fire, if someone ignited a bonfire at a place where the animal spirits congregate; coupled with certain astrological timing, the energy released by animal spirits added to the burning fire will cause fire breakout. Many incidents of forest fire are triggered by such animal spirits. Cases where cars ignite by themselves during driving also said to be attributed by animal earthbound spirits in the vicinity.


Further to that, animal spirits will cause their hosts to be emotionally unstable and quick tempered according to the pattern of animal behaviors. These earthbound animal spirits can also cause dogs to bark and howl at night, or even acting aggressive and prone to attack passerby. If this situation is not put under control, then these affected dogs will act wild, become sick and died. If the newly died dogs are not delivered properly, then they will also become earthbound spirits.


Instead of letting ourselves fall into this never ending cycle of earthbound spirit creation, isn’t it a better idea to get another living puppy or kitty to start a new life and give up the old ghosts?

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