Friday, October 12, 2012

What Is Behind Ilmu Asma Nabi Khidir?

I have a very interesting feedback from a friend that by practicing Asma Quwwata one can transform into a pulsation of energy to amplify whatever practice one follows. This is a dangerous perception and fundamentally wrong to begin with. The reason is that these name of powers are non other than expressions such as "by the power of God", "by the power of holy book" or even "by the power of words".

It is believed that Nabi Khidir passed down a few versions of this Asma:

  • Asma Syahada
    • Inna Quwwata Syahadatan Syahadatin Kitaban Natah Quwwata"
  • Asma Quwwata
    • Inna Quwwata Katabal Quwwatah Kitabal Quwwata
  • Asma Natah
    • Inna Quwwata Kataban Natah Kitaban Natah
  • Asma Nakaban
    • Inna Quwwata Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah
  • Asma Nataba
    • Inna Quwwata Nakata Banata Inna Nataba
  • Asma Nafata
    • Inna Quwwata Nakatahta Kitabanatah

What all the above Asma are saying is basically "by the power of words and holy book of the God". So there is nothing mystic about Asma, it is indeed with God we trust, and with His grace that we are given the power.

Just a friendly reminder that please do not engage into the practice of Asma without proper lineage prayer and guidance. It is extremely easy to go astray with Ilmu Asma when one practices alone. Because instead of remembering and appealing to the God, one worships Satan instead. Be extra careful my friends.

For those power seekers, study the Quran or Bible instead would be the best way to 'gain' power. You don't have to believe in me, read the holy book and you will feel the power!!



  1. I read it a thousand times every day for one calendar month. which in the end I'll do or become crazy?

  2. how to learn? Can you teach me? Please

  3. how to learn? Can you teach me? Please

  4. Asma above actually for Muslim reason it was from prophet khidir as and passed it to prophet musa as.