Sunday, October 21, 2012

Through The Eyes Of A Witch

The Gypsy lady said she want to do draw down the moon.
I met this interesting Gypsy old lady in Southwestern part of France about 7 years ago while I was working on a company assignment. The meeting with this lady was the turning point of my magical studies. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t what this Gypsy lady taught me, but it was her that has aroused my interest to explore the ancient wisdom of witchcraft and Western magic.


It was from later readings that I have learnt this Gypsy lady was from the school of old witchcraft. This school mainly worships the mother Earth; quite different from today’s Wicca.


This Gypsy witch said she was from a line of family of witches, she asked if I was interested in looking into some of her merchandise. So I obliged since I have got nothing better to do and was so glad to have someone who can converse in English. After browsing through her items, I picked up a ring in the hope of fishing some witch’s secrets from her.


It wasn’t easy to communicate due to our different accents and language barriers, but she taught me some simple pendulum techniques, spirits of the (European) forests, some spells, herbs such as verbena, frankincense, cocklebur etc. I would say that it was really interesting stuffs.


After chatting for hours, it was time for her to part. She said that she wanted to prepare for “drawing down the moon” ritual on that night. Before we parted, she advised me to follow the “Three Fold Law”.


According to the three fold law: whenever you perform blessings to people in need, you will receive three folds of positive energy from the people being blessed. Similarly, if you curse a person, then you will receive three folds of negative energy and karma needs.


I have not got a chance to return to the place to continue our meeting, but sometimes we do meet in dreams where the Gypsy lady continues with her teachings J.


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  2. Sorry, but the "threefold law" is only part of the new age moralist and fake Wicca and the person telling you was not a Traditional Witch, as no such practitioners would advocate that wicca distortion of exoteric misunderstanding concerning "Karma".

    In real witchcraft the law is Justice and eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is closer to the usual approach taken by those walking the Serpentine Path moving freely back and forth through right, middle and left, without enslaving attachment.

    Wicca is not real witchcraft.

    1. Hahaha... U know it better bro. Those were d old lady's "sales talk"... I was just a traveller having a conversation with an old lady. Then and again, witches get updated and influenced by new age ideas also :P

      Would be interesting to hear what others say about the "threefold law" though :)))

      Dis is getting interesting.