Sunday, October 14, 2012

Subduing Spell Of Jibril

The below prayer is also called “Ajian Getak Jibril”. It can be used to bind the mouth of your enemies, to attract attention or to control your target. This spell is originated from Malaysia:


“Allahumma wada-wadi mani-manikam.

Berkat aku memakai kuzatullah.

Hidup hayat tiada berjiwa.

Munjak sekalian manusia.

Benci nikmat wada-wadi mani-manikam.

Barulah manusia benci padaku.

Munjak sekali manusia gila dan suka nikmat wada-wadi mani-manikam.

Maka suka dan gila hatilah semua manusia padaku.

Tunduk kasih, tunduk semua padaku?

Kus semangat (3X)”


Take a deep breath and blow to the top of your head.


It is said that the above prayer has the same power with the doa Nabi Yusuf; where at the time Nabi Yusuf started speaking, all women turned and fall in love with him. If the above prayer is added with fasting for one day, its power can make everyone who hears your voice will like and support you.


The above prayer can also be made into love spell by adding the name of the person you like together with his or her parents’ names after saying “kus semangat”. Do not mix up: say the name of father for the lady, and the name of the mother for the gentleman.


This prayer can also be used for subduing an arrogant woman but you must first obtain her underwear. Then perform fasting and as cushion for your meditation. This method is only meant for controlling your wife or the person you wants her to be your wife. If you want to fool around with this prayer, then its power will fade away.



  1. HOW can i blow to the top of my head?

    1. Simply take a deep breathe and blow upwards.

    2. thank you so much for taking time to answer me