Thursday, October 11, 2012

Four Elemental Love Spell

This is a very powerful love spell to get the one you desire. This ritual should be performed on Friday night at 9 PM sharp.

First you must cast a protective circle and invoking watcher of the four elements.

Now face North, lie face down with a pencel and a piece of paper. Write on the paper the name of the person you desire to love you. After that, kiss the ground and say: "I bind my love with earth."

Stand up and face the East and say: "My love is in the air."

Still holding the paper in your right hand turn to the South, burn the paper and say: "Fire gives life to my love."

Turn to the West, put the ashes into water and say: "May water bring my love to the one I desire."

Go to the nearest river and pour the water and ashes into the flowing water.

If the spell is performed correctly, your love one will come to you.


  1. I'm interested in lost love magic. Do you have any info bout it? I can't find anything useful :(

  2. magic that can bring back ex girl/boyfriend.


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