Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guardian Of The Western Cemetery

In ancient time, when a church was built, and a ground laid out for the cemetery; a large black dog will be purchased. Its forepaws will be chopped off to prevent it from leaving its grave; after that its throat will be slit and its blood spread over the grass. Then this unfortunate black dog will be buried usually on the north side of the graveyard. It was believed that in doing so, the spirit of the dog was to protect the church and the graveyard.


If you want to find the grave of the dog, then look for the oldest grave in the graveyard because the dog’s grave will always be near this grave. Copy down the name of this grave and collect some grave dirt on a full moon night. Go back to your altar. You must also prepare a hazel wand to control this dog from hell, an egg and some modeling clay.

In your altar, burn 4 pieces of black candles at four corners; and then you must masturbate (again?) and let your semen/juices drop onto the grave dirt, clay and egg. Now mix this mixture of juice, clay and egg and form it into a figure of a dog with a human’s head while reciting:

“So-and-so, now known as new-name, I command you to come!”

Stop chanting once your figure is ready. Dry it in a place that will not expose to direct sun light. Now you have created a powerful thought form. Offer it some incense and food offerings daily. Use raw meat if you want to supercharge your thought form.

Whenever you want to summon this supernatural pat, just wave your hazelnut wand over this human head dog and order it accordingly.


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  1. To masturbate on graveyard soil is amongst the dumbest thing one can do. Better to swim with sharks while bleeding.

    But, this ritual text is loosely based on some actual practices and the dog usually was buried alive, without being cut at all. Often other animals were also used. Most often the practice was to take and sacrifice in such way the first animal that happen to pass by on the night or day of this ritual, so it could be many different kinds of animals. In other cases it could be even a horse that was brought and let loose and where it stopped they buried it alive and over it built the church or/and the churchyard. Some say that even humans were used like this by the pagans in order to create the cemetery guardian.

    Among all this lore there are actual hidden truths connected to the mysteries of the cemetery guardians.