Thursday, March 5, 2015

What You See Is What You Get (眼见为真)

We have already seen a method of predicting disasters with measuring pulses, but if one really needs to go out as the pulse measuring method is just a pretty general warning; then there is another method to predict if a more definite disaster would happen. By that I mean sea disaster, air disaster, earthquake etc.

Predicting Sea Disaster (海难预测法)

Here, sea disaster I mean an unfortunate boat, ship or ferry incident. The method is fairly simple:

Before one is boarding a ferry or ship, he/she only needs to turn his/her back so that his/her back is facing the ship. Then the person should bend his/her upper body and see between his/her legs at the faces of passengers on board the ship.

If he/she finds that the faces of passengers of that ship are not perfect, looked greyish or inhumane; then it is best not to board this ship as mishap is sure to happen once the ship sets sail.

Although this looks a little odd and impolite, is is a very traditional and said to be pretty effective methods to predict sea disasters. There are already many stories told throughout the history and these stories are recorded in Chinese ghost literatures.

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Predicting Disasters Of Any Type

Another simpler method to predict if a airplane, ship or train etc. mass transport system is safe is using “eye test”:

First one has to stand facing the train, ship or airplane. Then he/she should close his/her eyes gently and use his/her right thumb and index fingers to slowly pressing on the end of his/her eyes near his/her nose; the area below his/her eye brows.

If everything is okay, then the person should observe two black halo shapes; one on each eye. If none of the halo shape is seen, that means disaster would be fallen upon the transport system.

In that matter however, in the teaching of Tibetan Book Of The Death; if none of the halo shape is seen, then death is imminent within one year’s time. That means that there is no escape to that person unless a long life ritual is carried out.

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