Friday, March 20, 2015

Prostitution Brings Down Luck (万恶淫为首)

I have had many acquaintances with social escorts because of my pal, Mr. Tan. So, I have performed many astrological readings for these escorts and got to know them a little deeper. Now, this is not meant to belittle these professions but as a general advices for those people who kept wondering why his luck (and money too) is always at its low.

An average social escort would get around 10 or more visitations everyday; 7 days a week. She would work from 10am to 10pm or somewhere around it. So, at a minimum, a young escort would entertain at least 200 visitations a month with people from all walks of life! In a year, she would have been visited 2,000 times minimum.

Financially, if the lady charges $200 per visit, then she would have fished $400,000 from a person and a country would have lost $400,000 as all the money is not taxed!
Hence, the person’s pocket hurts first without looking further into what causes his luck to go down too. A country would lose a lot of money if there are many foreign workers around…

Let us set aside any sexual transmitted diseases as that would be unavoidable and not the curriculum of Magic SEA. What I am interest in this matter is the amount of spirits exchanging each time having sex with an escort.

An average person would have one or two spirit parasites attached onto his/her aura. A psychic can see these spirit parasites as dark spots. A person who is hypnotised can also see these kinds of entities. Spirit parasites can move from one body to another through conversations and more often through body contacts.

If an escort entertained 2,000 customers in one year, and you are the 2001th person to visit her, then think of the number of spirit parasites that would dwell in your body!! Even if 10% of spirit parasites exchange had taken place, there would be at least 200 entities in your body already!

We know that spirit parasites feed on life force and once they attached onto one’s aura, they would slowly move into his body and gradually stay in the person’s internal organs. If there are 200 entities feeding on one’s life force, the person shall feel tired and lethargic. If he is not aware of his situation and thinks more rests are needed, then the longer the person sleeps, the more tired he becomes. Eventually the person would also experiences bad luck at the end.

So, why waste money and hurt your luck. Think twice before one indulged into free sex; I am sure many people can attest to the side effects prostitution brings. 

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