Monday, March 9, 2015

The Curse Of 13th Hour (13点的诅咒)

If your life is under severe thread, then perhaps you can resort to using the curse of 13th hour to remove your thread. But before I begin, just a word of caution: use this method only as a last resort and unless you are indeed under serious danger.

First, you should get a clock with an hour hand and a minute hand.

This ritual should be done in the evening around 6pm when you can find a star visually in the sky; around 6pm or so. Now adjust the time to point to 12 midnight and let the clock run as usual for 13 hours, i.e. until 13 hours or 1pm in the afternoon.

That is to say that if you start the ritual at 6pm then after 13 hours, it would be around 7am in the morning. Whatever case it may be, the time must be before sun rise. If you miss the timing, then you should repeat the whole ritual in the evening.

Now at the right timing, take up the clock and stop the clock hands from moving while reciting: “Burg don! (Your boss’s name), leave this world at once! You make me suffer and I will never let you go! I will never let you go!”

It is said that the target, in this case; your boss will feel severe chest pain and in some instance he/she shall fall into near death situation.

Since this is a heavy curse, so it should not be cast unnecessarily. If anyone wants to play with this ritual, then very bad consequences shall be fallen onto the spell caster. So be warned.

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