Sunday, March 22, 2015

Killer Feng Shui Setups (杀人风水局)

Feng Shui can help people, but in the hands of a master; a small changes in Feng Shui set-up can kill or harm a person over time ‘legally’. Well, I shall share with you my personal experiences through the years of doing project work though Feng Shui is only my side hobby.

A person suffered from stroke and subsequently paralysed after a few months moving into his new house.

I was called in through a potential buyer who is an acquaintance of mine. He just wanted to satisfy his curiosity and was thinking of taking over this house.

The set-up of the house was basically intact as the owner only stayed there for only a few months. So, I opened up my compass and found nothing wrong with the direction as the house direction and door openings coincide with basic Feng Shui principles.

Upon further checking, I found that there is an extremely large wooden altar (神座) sat in the north-eastern corner of the living room. According to my friend, that strange altar was a ‘gift’ from another Feng Shui master to the original house owner. The size of the wooden altar was red in colour and it was so large that the whole altar was actually assembled in house! The story has it that the house owner had some arguments with the Feng Shui master and somehow the Feng Shui master offered the house owner this altar as a sign of ‘friendship’.

I shook my head and told my pal that the location of the extraordinary altar just sat on the life star (本命星) of the house owner. When a flying star of fire element falls in the area, the house owner would suffer high blood problems. And indeed he is now paralysed due to stroke!

We can condemn the crooked hearted yet indigenous Feng Shui master, but we can also amaze on his creativity as no one can charge him in the court of law for man slaughter! It is even better than killing a person with a gun. Don’t you think so?

There are certainly many more tricks to bring down a person… or luck of a place; but due to rapid modernizations; we already created many suicidal damage to our environment. It is only time for us to face our own music.

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