Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Queen Who Reigns Over Indochina (琵琶鬼)

I have many thoughts about what a Phi Phop really is. Some Thai sources say that she is a ‘banana spirit’ (香蕉精) that dwells in a banana plant in the wild. Yet there are many Chinese sources like to akin Phi Phop with ‘Gu maiden’ or ‘master of poisons’ ( 蛊女). In the past, ‘Gu’ is a subject no one in Indochina regions likes to talk about. The Hmong (苗族) people called a ‘Gu maiden’ as ‘Phi Phop’. Once a lady is being accused of being a Phi Phop, then she has to leave her village and live in isolation. When there are many Phi Phops living together, they form a Phi Phop village. This type of village can still be found in isolated areas of Indochina. So, perhaps we can deduce that a Phi Phop is the spirit of a Gu maiden.

There is a document being circulating around by Mr. JT teaching people how to control over Phi Phop. I think you can find a copy from Thai occult forum too if you just ask around. It was said that the teaching of Phi Phop was one of the teachings passed down by Tok Raja.

I too have a Phi Phop after some duel with an Arjan. Luckily I was able to overcome my opponent arjan and his Phi Phop was confiscated by my overseer jinn. Now this restless spirit is with me since.

This Phi Phop is a little restless now days as she had literarily pushed my lersi statue down from its sitting. At times she also made havoc by pushing my stuffs off the shelf and making loud noises at midnight. I was a few times harassed by this Phi Phop at night as she kissed me and fondled me with her ‘hands’… sometimes she also sing beside my bed too.

For those people who had hold fast and vowed to die with their Phra Ngan, I suggest they give Phi Phop a try. Honestly speaking, I have not felt any presence of Phra Ngan despites long hours of chanting. At least, Phi Phop can really make you aware of her presence and she too can bestow her owner with status and fortune!

Having said so, if your place is only an apartment; then Phi Phop will venture out of your apartment and disturb your neighbor. For example, she would knock on other’s door on a full moon night and make some weak spirited woman shriek at midnight. My neighbor even claimed to have heard of scratching noises at his gate and the next morning, he found some scratch marks on his iron gate! When he checked the CCTV, he could find nothing.

Now that my Phi Phop has signaled me to move to Northern countries where her power is more; and that she can bestow more power to me. So, let us just stay tune for this year or next to see if my Phi Phop’s prediction shall come true. Perhaps this Phi Phop really means business as all my Ngai plants have withered over the past three months.

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