Monday, March 23, 2015

Conjuration Of 10 Heavenly Generals (召十将)

Talismans for 10 heavenly generals

There are 10 external heavenly generals one can summon in Taoist magic to do a person’s bidding, they are: (Deng),辛 (Xin),张 (Zhang),陶 (Tao),荀 (Xun),毕 (Bi),马 (Ma),赵 (Zhao),温 (Wen) and (Guan).These external generals correspond to a person’s organs: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue, heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Again, there are many methods to call upon these 10 generals, but normally only one general shall come to the person and serve him/her. Before one begins, he/she should already familiar with the 6 General Altar Rituals (六甲壇). He/she must also be serious when calling upon these heavenly entities.

The ritual is simple:

First, one should draw all 10 pieces of talismans on rice papers as shown above and then recite the ‘chaos mantra’ (混元咒) once and then burns all 10 talismans under the 6 General Altar. The whole ritual takes 49 days to complete.

Of course, in other Taoist traditions, one’s heavenly general can be determined according to one’s year of birth. Once a general is summoned, he need to be trained in a more elaborate ritual, the insiders call it: “training of generals” (炼将).

It is important that one should first accomplish the 6 General Rituals before venturing on to summon these 10 heavenly generals because the generals are controlled by one’s soul energy that has been awakened by the 6 Generals.

Please refer to below links about the 6 Generals:

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