Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Simple Fudo Myoo Ritual (东密不动法)

In Japanese Mantrayana, the practice of Fudo Myoo/Acalanatha is related to Trilokivijaya Samaya Mandala (降三世三昧耶会) or Vajradhatu Mandala (金刚界). The mudra for this mandala is ‘Rin’ ().

The Trilokivijaya Samaya Mandala represents the immovable heart (不动心) of Trilokivijaya Vidyadhara (降三世明王). Hence the training of this mandala enables a person to be freed from all seductions and thus achieves his/her aim. It also opens up one’s Moolandhara Chakra.

Before one proceeds to this practice, one should already be practising the Kujikiri (九字结) for some time already. Otherwise the effect of Fudo Myoo ritual would not be noticeable.

There are 3 steps to this exercise:

Step 1:

Perform gesture 1 as shown and recite mantra: “om vajra sattva ah” (3x). One should visualize he/she is filled with life force of the universe and thus becomes Vajrasattva.

Step 2:

Perform gesture 2, 3, 4 and making the mudra of ‘Rin’. Now recites mantra: “namah samantah vajra nam” (3x). One should then imagine he/she becomes the Fudo Myoo sited in the unmovable throne. Nothing can move Fudo Myoo.

Step 3:

Perform gesture 5 and recite mantra: “om vajra sattva ah namah samantah vajra nam ham” (3x) then draw the fast kujikiri pattern. Now one should visualize he/she is the unmovable sattva, he shall not be seduced by any matters. He/she is moving on the path of truth with fierce and unsurpassed wisdom.

The above 3 steps should be performed repeatedly several times daily.

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  1. Thankyou so much for sharing. This is the kind of thing i have been looking for. Im so tired of finding the same old nonsense on every website about kuji kiri . This very refreshing,

    However im just a little cautious now as to randomly jump into anything "Acala" related :)


    1. Glad you like it... This is the traditional yamabushi/ninja's Mantrayana mind training method. There are a total 9 steps and this is only step one.

      There is no mumbo jumbo, just mind over matters... so don't worry as you shall see light at the end of the tunnel... ;-)