Saturday, March 7, 2015

Please Excuse Me!

Chinese in Southeast Asia commonly believe that before one needs to answer the call of nature outdoor, then it is best to say:

“Please step aside!”

This is to avoid the urine or feces accidentally tainted the local earthbound spirits. If these spirits are offended, then troubles would entail even death can be resulted in some cases.

During my school days, a friend of mine and a boy scout suffered from meningitis after a camping trip beside a river bank and subsequently died overnight. Story has it that the scout has urinated near a bamboo bush. And this unfortunate boy did not say the key words: “please step aside!” before doing his business.

There are many stories such as the above being told and retold but people still got into trouble with spiritual world somehow.

It is interesting to learn that there is such a taboo in Scandinavia too! 

Same goes to throwing hot water and other things out in the wild. A person should first shout out "please step aside!" before throwing anything out to prevent whatever is thrown offended the invisible ones out there. -Liew

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Title: When you have peed outdoors...
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Nils Martin Norberg
Year: 1912
Parish/Town: Njurunda

When you have peed outdoors you should spit in front of you and say “Yuck, free me!”. This is in case you have accidentally pissed on the underground ones.

[Not sure if the translation of the phrase is correct since I have difficulties parsying it.]

Title: When throwing out hot water
Notetaker: Helge Noren
Parish/Town: Njurunda

When throwing out hot water you should say “Get out of the way my little friends.” A girl from Attmar parish didn't do this and got rashes in her face, as if she got burned.

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