Friday, March 20, 2015

Dark Water & Clean Water (坏水与好水)

It is very difficult for a person not used to Feng Shui to understand effects of dark/dirty water versus clean water; after all what does it matter other than that clean and clear rivers are pleasing to look at while a milky and smelly river is not.

Well, perhaps let me tell you two real Feng Shui cases that I have come across and you shall see that the old Feng Shui is not nonsense after all...

The Story Of Mr. Tan

Good old Mr. Tan is a well to do businessman who has some properties and on the north part of his house is a pond but the pond is filled with water hyacinths (布袋莲) that block sun light from entering into the water and thus causing water weeds to die and decay; hence foul odour can be smelled from a far.

As the north belongs to water elemental, Mr. Tan has a booming low cost hotel business and even dirty water brings in money. But dirty water in Feng Shui also known as ‘water of affairs’ (桃花水). This type of water brings in inappropriate sexual relationships and dirty water is certainly bad for a married couple as most of couples would end up in having a family discord and in certain cases, divorce.

I received a called from Mr. Tan during last December that he had got ‘married’ to a Chinese social escort. In case you are not aware, due to the generosity of Malaysian and Singaporean men; a social escort can earn up to $10,000 per month! Just for your information, an average senior engineer’s pay is just around $5,000 or even less!

So, all in all Mr. and Mrs. Tan have earned many dollars in one month! But though they are rich, they cannot move up the social ladder easily. Of course, the couple is already contented as they are. What else does a person need but money?

At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Tan have their problems with authorities due to the nature of their business. Mr. Tan is not the person who can satisfy with only one partner, so he continued to flirt around… In good time, the couple has nothing to complaint; but it is difficult for them to move out during unrest times due to what they do.

The Story Of Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu was only an engineer earning $3,000 or so per month. He too has a house with the north side a fishing pond. Since the pond is managed properly, the water of the pond is always clear.

After working for a few years, Mr. Liu decided to venture out to do his own business and it turned out that his choice was correct and he has made some money. Gradually Mr. Liu’s business expanded overseas and he too got acquainted with a Vietnamese business lady and got married. The couple had never had affairs due to busy business schedule.

Now, with legitimate business and a wife with good status, Mr. Liu can move freely around in good time or bad.

A Comparison

Let us draw a quick comparison between Mr. Tan and Mr. Liu:

·         Mr. Tan pays for keeping his marriage, but Mr. Liu is paid by his wife.
·         Mr. Tan wants more partners but Mr. Liu only needs only one.
·         Both Mr. Tan and Liu have money.

It is not fair to judge who is in a better position, but the effect of dark water and clean water can be clearly seen. As to which is doing better: Mr. Tan or Mr. Liu; I shall let you decide.


  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    There's only one solution the the above situation:

    All 4 people should go to a "swinger club !"

    LOL...just kidding ! Sorry, but this was simply too good, to let it go without this kind of joke !

    Michael B:

    1. Dear Michael,

      Hahaha... No problem! I think that is a COOL idea!

      I shall give suggestion to them when I next meet them again!

      Maybe Mr. Tan needs to add some chlorine into his pond, and Mr. Liu needs to add some mud into the fishing pond to make water of both ponds 'grey'... :))))