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Odin Lodges (奥丁的住宿)

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

[Original document: ]

Province: Blekinge
District: Östra härad
Parish: Torhamn, Hästholmen
Year of writing: 1939
Written down by: G. Edén
Adress: Ystad
Told by: Johan Mårtensson
Born the year 1854 in Hästholmen

Odin lodges

Mårtensson's father one time built a boat for a farmer 3 miles [Since 1889, one Swedish mile is 10 kilometers.] to the east of Karlskrona. He was a right man and his name is John Håkansson. He spoke about that Odin had once lodged at the place.

Odin came riding to Fäö, the place in question. He had two nice horses and two dogs, and he was fancily dressed. He got to place the horses in the stable, and he himself got to lodge indoors.

The wife baked bread in the kitchen, where the dogs got to lay. Odin said: "When the dogs start yelping the first time, you shall wake me up."

The dogs started barking, but the wife thought that the traveller hadn't slept for that long, so she took a piece of dough and threw it to the dogs, so that they quitened. This was repeated two times, and the third time she went and woke up the stranger. He said "If you had woken me up the first time, you would had done well, because now the one I'm after has reached the south cape of Öland, but as a reward for your hospitality, bread will never be missing in the house." And when you came down in the stable in the morning, there was a horse shoe of gold there.

[This story reminds me of the Greek story about Baucis and Philemon, that you can read here. ]

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  1. And the story probably originated somewhere else, as you correctly suspects. Thank you by the way for linking to my old blog (there is more at the new one and in the Facebook Trolldom group) and for your interesting posts about Asian magic.