Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scandinavian Protective Magic

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Title: To protect your property
Notetaker: Carl-Herman Tillhagen
Messenger: Gustaf Adolf Såthe
Year: 1951
Parish/Town: Liden

You take a wool thread. Make a hole in the left ear on a corpse, and pull the string three times counter clockwise through the whole. Then you should put a coin in the casket as payment. The thread is cut into tiny pieces and put on what you want to protect.

Title: Against evil spirits
Notetaker: Ernst Janson
Year: 1934
Parish/Town: Ljustorp

Get some iron filings and sprinkle it behind the doorstep and say “Get out all evil powers!” sprinkle some more and say “Don't do evil unto me!”

Title: When steeping lead
Notetaker: Ernst Janson
Year: 1934
Parish/Town: Ljustorp

The following should be read:

I command that the good power follows you and preserves you will be well and have peace. The good power prevails over the evil.

NOTE: We have the right to make the gods do things.

[The last part says “Obs. Vi har rättighet att signa över Gudarna.” in Swedish, and I have a hard time understanding exactly what it means.]

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  1. "Steeping lead" is a divination practice that is traditionally done on New Year's Eve, so I think that the magical formula is meant for protection under the coming year.