Monday, March 16, 2015

Problems With Acalanatha (不动明王的问题)

First of all, I never think a simple Acalanatha Sadhana can cause so many problems to people:

·         A friend from Australia complaint of having relationship problem with his wife when he recited the Acala mantra. Seems like his wife was up in arms against him…

·         A friend from Singapore said that his Kumanthong stopped in giving signs to him after he tried the Acala noose mantra and mudra…

·         A friend from Indonesia said that his khodam suddenly failed to respond to him after trying out Acala mantra…

·         A Malaysian ‘tangki’ (medium) failed to fall into trance after he has tried the Acala mantra and mudra…

So people started to ask me:

“What had happened?”

After some observations, I would think that the most probable issues are that those folks are possessed by spirits due to some reasons. It is either due to the “internal energy” practices or other sort of spirit worships.

In case one fails to notice that the Acala is holding a noose in his left hand, and the function of this noose is to bind all spirits around the practitioner. This is also explicitly mentioned in the Acalanatha Sadhana. Hence Acalanatha is very effective in spirit exorcism.

When a person who has already possessed a guardian spirit and he recites the Acala mantra and makes the mudra, it actually directs the Acala to bind the spirit and bring it away. So, no wonder a person who has a spirit would lose the spirit, and the person who is near to this person and also possessed, would be hostile to him.

It is not the person who wants to be hostile, but it is due to the reactions of the spirits within.

Now the question is:

“What should I do?”

It is simple:

If one wants to keep his/her spirits, then stop reciting Acala mantra or he/she shall lost all his/her spirits good or bad.

If one wishes to expel all the unwanted spirits, then by all means continue with the Acala practice.

Another point is that, I am aware that one of the very bad practices out there is just to recite one mantra and make one mudra for lower tantric sadhana. This is very bad and not complete as the person is not protected and very less results shall be felt that way.

A more standard is to follow the sadhana from top to bottom faithfully, but this may proof to be difficult for our modern times however.

In case you are interested:


  1. Acala must be so powerful. By the looks of it, I dont think im clean enough to begin this practice yet. Maybe in a few years time haha

    1. Haha... Don't worry, if you perform the ritual correctly; then your aura shall be cleaned automatically... or our good friend would not be so intimidated by Fudo Myoooo...

    2. Which mudra is used in this mantra?

    3. There are a few mudras. Depending on which mantra you refer to. Basically you can use sword mudra, or the 'rin' mudra etc.

  2. Would it be possible for you to upload pictures of the mudras used in the sadhana you mention, I'm having a bit of difficulty following the written instruction and cannot find the correct one by searching with the chinese characters.