Saturday, March 21, 2015

Act Of God (人算不如天算)

Anyone who is doing planning jobs should also plan for alternatives as there is always something called “act of God”. There are many unforeseen obstacles in the process of carrying a project work, more so if it involves spirits and Feng Shui. Then and again, we humans are not that reliable either.

Below is a true Feng Shui case handled by me:

Mrs. Lee visited me some time ago because her hubby was having an affair. So I performed an astrological reading for her and found that she would be having problems with her bubby. I have suggested to Mrs. Lee that her problems may be solved using Feng Shui methodology.

At that time flying star 9 fallen into left corner of Mrs. Lee’s house and so happened that there was a small fish pond in that corner with greenish water. As we recalled that dirty water indicating ‘affair’ (桃花) and 9 indicating ‘middle lady’. So, Mrs. Lee was having problems with a middle aged lady!

My remedy to that was to convert the fish pond into a manmade hill as that would counter flying star 9 and also removing the dirty water. Mrs. Lee did what she was told and constructed the false hill. Within 2 weeks, Mrs. Lee’s hubby returned to her though occasionally he would sneak out to meet the other lady.

I thought Mrs. Lee’s problem was over. It was indeed a surprised to see Mrs. Lee to visit me again after 2 years. Apparently Mr. Lee again had another affair with outside woman.

Again I was at Mrs. Lee’s place and to my surprised that the false hill was gone. So I asked Mrs. Lee what had happened. Mrs. Lee said the false hill was struck by lightning a month ago and her hubby had it removed and restored the fish pond and again the water is greenish due to algae!

At that instance, I could only shake my head and told Mrs. Lee that it was the act of God that has prevented the couple to be together. But Mrs. Lee is a strong businesswoman she shall have many opportunities in years to come. Anyway, it would be Mr. Lee that shall lose out as he shall lost half of his properties soon.

Thus, man can plan with various occult and spiritual aids; but it is the God that makes the decision. As the saying goes:


“It is the God who has the final say!”

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