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A Collection Of Nordic Black Magic (北欧黑巫术)

Had it not with Mr. Bjerstedt’s help, we would not be able to learn about black magic practices in Nordic traditions. Many of the black curses have similarities to South-east Asian magic rituals; some of particular unique to South-east Asia is the use of feces to cause diarrhoea or constipation. The other is the control of wild animals to cause harm. Perhaps Magic SEA is getting interesting starting now… Liew

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Title: "Courage stolen”
Notetaker: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Messenger: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Parish/Town: Attmar

A lot of wizards took revenge on their enemy or their cattle by “stealing their
courage”, I.E taking their courage and power. This sooner or later became their
death, unless another wizard cured them.

[This is similar to ‘soul catching’ in Taoist, Thai and Malay magic. When one’s soul is snatched by a sorcerer, the person will fall sick and perhaps dead in long run.-Liew]

Title: "Troll shot."
Notetaker: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Messenger: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Parish/Town: Attmar

“Trollshot” was another form of evil that the wizards used to take revenge on their enemies. It was done by drawing their enemy on a paper or on a wall that they shot at.

[In South-east Asia flying needle curses are used instead-Liew.]

Title: To bind someone
Notetaker: Ernst Janson
Year: 1934
Parish/Town: Ljustorp

Betula nana, Daphne mezereum, Valerian.

[No other instructions are given except for these plant names. - Mr. Bjerstedt 
Of course, the companion ritual is love magic of any types.-Liew]

Title: To destroy an enemy
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Baker Per Erik Lundberg
Year: 1918
Parish/Town: Resele

You stab the person’s foot step with a knife and curse him all you can.
[In Malay magic, a keris is used to stab the foot print of an enemy.-Liew]

Title: To cause people diarrhoea
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Hemmansägare Per August Uddfors
Year: 1915
Parish/Town: Stigsjö

The elders have said that it’s possible to cause diarrhoea or constipation to someone. Yes, you only have to acquire a piece of that person’s feces, drill a hole in a piece of wood, put it there and plug the hole. If you put it in a stream the person gets diarrhoea, as long as the water flows over it. If you put it on dry land, it will cause constipation. They also told that there was a girl who has played a prank by shitting on an axe handle. One of the farmhands had done this trick on her, and she nearly shat herself to death.

[That reminds me of the Fretrúnir, an Icelandic galdrastafur meant for causing horrible diarrhoea and farting, and eventually death.-Mr. Bjerstedt]

Title: To cause hauntings
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Nils Petter Åström
Year: 1915
Parish/Town: Viksjö

If you take a needle that has been found in a grave, and put it in the bed clothes, that house will get haunted.

[There are many means if South-east Asia to cause a house to be haunted too which is about similar to this one: by using bones, cemetery soil, talisman, etc.-LIew]

Title: One way to kill...
Notetaker: S.A Palèn
Parish/Town: Haverö

One way to kill a horrible person is to “put bear” on him or his cattle. This method carries a certain risk though. It can happen that the person the bear was put on, had higher power than the sender. He then would send the bear back.

In Grundsjön a story likes that is told. The people acting were both great wizards, so the bear had to run between them without getting to hurt anyone, until the bear had worn out its feet.

[I think this is almost similar to animal hypnotism method of sending a physical bear to cause physical harm. I have read from books concerning some shamans who can shape shift into their power animals, but judging from the above ‘bear incident’, the animal would be of a separate entity. In Malaysia, some gifted witchdoctor said to be able to transform into a tiger to perform healing or even to eat up his/her enemy. This is known as were tigers and such belief remains pretty strong amongst local folks.- Liew]

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